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The Best Worst Wedding I’ve ever done!

Posted by Susie | June 29, 2017

I recently contributed to our cool new local Rag called Byron Life, with a story about a wonderful wedding, where a couple of things went wrong.. but in the end it was a magnificent example of Love shining through.  Read the article here  on page 32.

a Chic Byron Bay Wedding

Posted by Susie | February 27, 2017

Kym and Dane are truly awesome humans sharing a wonderful loving life together here in Byron. You can see their whole wedding featured by @the_lane here

The day before their wedding a handful of us enjoyed a beautiful Welcome to country ceremony facilitated by local Indigenous  legends (Delta Kay, Nigel and uncle Magpie) to connect with the land and receive the blessings of the ancestors prior to their marriage.  Then the next day their ceremony and wedding celebrations were sublime;  stylish and earthy while still being Chic and classy all at the same time.  Their venue Horizon Byron Bay is on top of a hill overlooking Byron Bay. Every sacred place and landmark can be seen from it including Belongil Beach, Main Beach, Clarkes Beach, Julian Rocks, The Pass, Wategos and of course the iconic Byron lighthouse.

Kym and Dane met in Bondi at a mutual friends Halloween Party in 2008.  Kym was living in Sydney and Dane was about to head off travelling, but they kept in touch and then actually met up again the following year again on Halloween, which will clearly always be a big date for them.  During their 5 years together they have traveled a lot and explored many destinations and cultures, they just love sharing the all the joys of life together!  Whether it’s camping beach side or in a remote location and experiencing nature, like being trapped in the pouring rain in a swag … or enjoying an  amazing sunset or sunrise while sipping cups of tea.. or in the mountains of Japan waking up super early to get up the mountain first for the freshest snow.  Then there was the best adventure yet.. and this is one that all the guests knew about because they had read Danes email about how he proposed to Kym.  It was their 4 year anniversary.. Halloween 2013.. and after all the false starts, he finally pulled it off in the water out the back of Wategos .. and just to quote a small piece of this golden story from Danes perspective..  “It was super shallow out the back which helped so when I dropped to the knee my head didn’t go under. Kymy was looking into the shore and she turned around and looked down at a little black fella smiling with a diamond ring! “  And for Kym, when she looked at Dane that day she absolutely knew he loved her completely.  It was such a wonderful moment for them both!

As their celebrant it was such a fun and humbling experience to meet them and get to know them in this exciting time in their loves.  And these were Kyms lovely words “Susie Figgis, she has truly found her calling. She knew us better than we knew ourselves. The ceremony was so beautifully written. I cried when I read the first draft… there was only need for that 1 draft, no more.”

Love, Marriage and Weddings – thoughts of a Celebrant

Posted by Susie | December 1, 2016

Love, Marriage and Weddings … Thoughts of a celebrant – by Susie Figgis …

As Celebrants we are continually engaging with couples who are planning for, and experiencing marriage through their wedding.  No two coupes are the same and everyone’s ideal wedding is different.  Marriage itself, means vastly different things to different people … and Love has many expressions.

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The gorgeous rustic wedding of Lucy and Rob

Posted by Susie | January 21, 2017

What a stunning day it was on Rob’s parent’s property in Cotmore Downs.  Vintage Bride magazine have profiled their beautiful rustic vintage wedding .

Lucy and Robert began their love story on holiday in Japan.. They grew closer whilst planning this trip for a group of friends and so they bonded firstly over their love of organization and travel. Everything just fell into place for them.. and their lives fit together so well.  Within 48 hours of getting home from Japan, Lucy agreed to drive 3 hours south of Brisbane with Robert to visit the family Farm.. at Cotmore downs,  the place they chose to celebrate their wonderful wedding.  Take a sneak peek and watch the magic unfold here 

Bec & Jamie. A Ballina Wedding at Dunes on Shelly Beach

Posted by Susie | December 5, 2016

The day took place at Dunes on Shelly Beach with uninterrupted views of the ocean as a backdrop under clear blue skies. The styling featured many items created by the bride and groom including a stunning macrame arbor. Read more here

A colorful bohemian wedding in Byron Bay featuring a stunning Grace Loves Lace Gown

Posted by Susie | November 21, 2016

Grace Loves Lace Gowns are very popular with Brides I’m working with, this article is about beautiful Rhiannon who chose to wear the Grace Loves Lace Nia Gown.  Read more here

Hilary + Darren: a vintage, earthy wedding

Posted by Susie | November 8, 2016

Elegant, natural and romantic are the words that best summarise the wedding of Hilary and Darren.  I was lucky enough to be their celebrant and it’s been featured in White Magazine.  Click here to read more

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