Relaxed, Romantic, Raw, & Real Ceremonies in Byron Bay

People elope for a range of reasons; they might be private people and find the idea of publicly declaring their love in front of lots of people extremely intimidating, or they might want something simple and affordable … choosing to spend their money in different ways, rather than a on a big wedding.

If your choosing to elope in Byron bay… keeping it intimate and small between the two of you…  I would absolutely love to work with you.
Elopement ceremonies are profoundly beautiful … whether it happens perched on a clifftop, nestled into a magical bushy glen, or barefoot on the sand,  the experience is going to be meaningful and powerful.

I can help you choose a beautiful location (if you want help with this) and I can put you in touch with some of Byron’s best wedding vendors , including the best of Byron Bay Photographers, Florists and Hair and Makeup professionals.

I look after the legal paperwork, create a beautiful personalized ceremony for you, and I can also help provide your two Witness’s, if you need.
The great thing about eloping in Byron Bay, is that you will always have this amazing place to come back to and celebrate your love in paradise.